SHAME                                                        Supporting                         See-Saw Films/Steve McQueen, dir.

THE BROOKLYN BANKER                     Supporting                         Classified Pictures/Federico Castelluccio, dir. 

THE IDEA OF MANHOOD                     Supporting                          Indie/Serge Kushner, dir. 

HALF BROTHER                                       Supporting                          Indie/ Anthony Grippa, dir.

BY THE SEA                                                Lead                                       Indie/ Robert Machoian, dir.

B-SIDE                                                         Supporting                           Indie / Amos Posner, dir.

PUTZEL                                                        Supporting                          Indie / Jason Chaet, dir.

PRICE CHECK                                             Supporting                          Indie / Michael Walker, dir.

VIRGIN ALEXANDER                                  Lead                                       Indie / 100K Productions

THEO                                                              Supporting                         Arctica Films / Ezna Sands, dir.

WITCHES OF OZ                                          Supporting                          Black Thorn Pictures/Leigh Scott dir.



PUBLIC MORALS                                      Series Regular            TNT/Ed Burns, creator

THE AMERICANS                                      Co-Star                           FX/ Bill Johnson, dir.

THE CARRIE DIARIES                               Guest Star                      CW/Amy Heckerling, dir.

ELEMENTARY                                              Co-Star                           CBS/ John Polson, dir.

PERSON OF INTEREST                            Co-Star                            CBS / Steve DePaul, dir.

GOSSIP GIRL                                                Co-Star                           CW / Mark Piznarkski, dir.

ARE WE THERE YET?                                  Co-Star                          TBS / Alfonso Ribeiro, dir.

ROYAL PAINS                                                 Co-Star                          USA / Mark Feuerstein, dir.

THE 22                                                            Co-Star                           CBS / Michael Smith, dir.

INSIDE AMY SCHUMER                            Guest Star                       Comedy Central/ Steven Tsuchida, dir.



AFTER THE WEDDING                               WOMAN                      59E59 Theaters/Neil LaBute 

GOOD LUCK (IN FARSI)                                Paige                         59E59 Theaters/Neil LaBute

SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL                           Rosalind                      45th Street Theater

THE LOVE OF THREE ORANGES                        Cook                     Santa Fe Theatre Festival

ITALIAN AMERICAN RECONCILIATION            Janice                     Passion Play Productions

CRIMES OF THE HEART                                    Babe                             Monday Night Productions

RABBIT HOLE                                                            Izzy                            Monday Night Productions

WOMEN OF MANHATTAN                                    Billie                            Monday Night Productions

THE THREE SISTERS                                             Anifsa                           Fordham University


TRAINING: Fordham University B.A. Theatre

Karl Bury Studios                                          

William Esper Studios with Bill Esper            Stella Adler (Scene Study, Voice, Movement)

Larry Moss Intensives                                           Bob Krakower (On Camera Audition)           

Patsy Rodenberg (Voice Workshop)              Tanya Berezin (Private Coach)

Michael Howard Studios (Scene Study)            Caryn West (On Camera Audition)

HB Studios (Voice)                                                   Lucid Body with Fay Simpson           



Ballet (16 Years), Hip-Hop, Jazz, Wind Surfing, Tennis, Yoga

Accents: British RP, Irish, Italian, Southern, New York



Management:    Alchemy Entertainment   323.937.6100

Agency:                Gersh                                       212. 997. 1818